Local elected officials, administrators, and staff, as well as boards and authorities, can benefit from quality, customized training and development opportunities offered by the Institute at convenient locations around the state.


State employees can take their knowledge and leadership skills to the next level through the Institute's many state training programs, from professional development programs that cover a broad array of financial, legislative, and special topics, to certification programs in leadership and management.


Instruction provided in the form of training and advanced skill development helps members navigate the world of public service. The Mississippi School of Protocol & Etiquette provides both an orientation to the legislative process for new lawmakers and timely policy sessions for all attendees. Now in its third year, the MSOPE Legislative Leadership Institute helps newer legislators gain the skills to be more effective leaders, decision makers, and policy analysts.


City, county, state, and school system finance and office personnel can improve their financial management skills or earn certification through a variety of financial training programs offered by the Institute.


Public officials worldwide can gain valuable knowledge and skills to transition their country to more efficient and accountable government. Grounded in principles of good governance, the International Centerт€™s comprehensive public management educational programs are designed to meet diverse needs.